Ezri: I thought you were going to stay in holosuite for a while.
Garak: I got tired of staring at a fake landscape, pretending I was outside. No no no, work is the answer. My father always used to say that people should throw themselves into their work. Do your chores, Elim. I told you to do your chores.
Ezri: And if you didn’t? What would he to do you?
Garak: Oh no no no, please don’t start. Spare me your inspid psychobabble. I’m not some quivering neurotic who feels sorry for himself because is daddy wasn’t nice. You couldn’t begin to understand me.
Ezri: I’d like to try.
Garak: Oh, I’m sure you would. You’d like nothing more than to pry into my personal affairs. Well, I’m not interested in dissecting my childhood. I only want to save my people from the Dominion. I don’t need someone to walk in here and hold my hand. I want someone to help me get back to work. And you, my dear, are not up to this task. I mean, look at you. You’re pathetic. A confused child trying to live up to a legacy left by her predecessors. You’re not worthy of the name Dax. I knew Jadzia. She was vital, alive. She owned herself. And you… you don’t even know who you are. How dare you presume to help me? You can’t even help yourself. Now get out of here, before I say something unkind.

Garak, signori e signore. E ci è andato anche fin troppo leggero, per quanto mi riguarda.